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"From the heart of the jungle comes a savage cry of victory! This is Tarzan, lord of the jungle!" (opening)

Three thousand people, including author Edgar Rice Burroughs and actor Johnny Weissmuller j(later most identified with the Tarzan character on television and in film), gathered at the famous Fox Pantages Theatre in Hollywood, California to listen to the prerecorded premiere Tarzan episode on September 10, 1932. Inspired by and based on Burroughs' stories of a young man whose parents were marooned and then killed on an island off of Africa, leaving him to be raised among apes., Tarzan was, most likely, the first radio serial to be syndicated. The first episodes related the back story of how Tarzan ended up alone on the island.

Burroughs, while initially an ardent, involved supporter of the series during its first two years, became increasingly disgruntled with the direction the show was taking, and started his own syndicated series, "Tarzan and the Diamond of Asher" which remained more faithful to his novels than did the original broadcasts. His rendition aired from 1934 until 1936.

There are 216 shows in our collection! Date Aired
Tarzan's Hut Afire November 4, 1932
Tarzan Delivers the Sailors October 10, 1932
Tarzan Rescues Jane's Father October 12, 1932
Clayton Tries to Rescue the Professor October 14, 1932
Tarzan Saves Clayton October 17, 1932
Tarzan Saves Jane October 19, 1932
Tarzan Reads Jane's Letter October 21, 1932
Morning Arrives October 24, 1932
Tarzan Presides Over Apes October 26, 1932
Tarzan Rescues Jane from the Apes October 28, 1932
The Professor Wants to Search October 31, 1932
Rescue November 2, 1932
Mutinous Captain Killed October 7, 1932
Tarzan's Shack October 5, 1932
Tarzan's First Birthday September 12, 1932
Young Tarzan Examines Hut September 14, 1932
Mutiny On Ship September 15, 1932
Tarzan in Young Manhood September 16, 1932
Tarzan Attacked by Tabor September 19, 1932
Tarzan Sees a Ship September 21, 1932
Tarzan Rescues the Captain September 23, 1932
Tarzan Rescues the Captain Again September 26, 1932
Did the Bottle Really Go Overboard September 28, 1932
The Captain is in Quicksand September 30, 1932
A Fight Aboard Ship October 3, 1932

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